Monday, November 25, 2013

Moving On

On November 13th my husband got a job offer from a church in Michigan. We have been praying about this job for a couple of months now and really feel it is where we can best serve the Lord and build up our brethren. We are SO excited about our move! My husband has been itching to preach again and we cannot wait to begin working alongside each other for Christ!

We leave in just two weeks! AAAaahh! So much to do and so little time! In the midst of all this crazy, whirlwind packing, I know it will be easy to let a few things slip. When I start a project (such as packing) I tend to want to work incessantly until it’s done. This means I will often even forget to stop and eat. Not good for a mama of two nursing babies! So, in an effort to maintain my health and sanity during this crazy time, here’s what I plan to do:

·         Keep up daily Bible study, preferably first thing in the morning. This is of primary importance to both my physical and mental health. It keeps the stress down. Days that start with my Bible and prayer are just better!

·         Drink Water! My goal is 96 fl oz a day.

·         Eat SOMETHING every three hours. I need to keep my metabolism revved, but more importantly, I need the energy to keep up my milk supply.

·         Rest every couple of hours. A fifteen minute break for tea, Facebook, crocheting, or anything else that is relaxing does wonders!

·         Spend some down time with the family, even in the midst of packing tape strewn across the floor, dishes piling in the sink, and boxes towering in the living room. Taking time to relax with my husband and boys is important and finding time to play around the boxes and clutter (or sometimes IN the boxes J) keeps things in perspective.

·         Take time to enjoy some “lasts”. I intend to cherish these last days with good friends and not rush through each moment in an effort to “get it all done”. We’re taking time to do things we enjoy here, like grabbing a milk shake from our favorite diner, taking a walk down the road where Joshua proposed, playing cards with friends one last time. We really will miss this town and the people who make it so special.

This is a season of looking forward to our new life in but also of looking back on our years here in our first home. This is where we started our courtship, where Joshua proposed, where we got married, where we made our first home together, where I was baptized, where both our boys were born. We have a lot of history in this town, and moving on is bittersweet. God has truly proved His love and care for us here in Arkansas and we are humbled at all of the blessings He has bestowed. We hope we have been useful servants for Him here, and we pray that He will use us for His glory in Michigan!

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