Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm Behind... Naturally...

I broke my promise last week and did not write a blog post as intended. I have a good excuse this time, though. My children have had colds for about two weeks now and Amos was especially sick this last week.

Amos had the croup two weeks ago and hasn’t been able to completely shake the cough. Thursday he came down with a fever and his breathing got really rough. I actually called my husband home from work because it had me so concerned. We gave him some Hyland’s cough syrup and by morning he seemed to be fine, though still congested. Then it got really bad again Friday night and I thought we might have to take him to the hospital, but by 4:00am he was breathing easier and was able to rest well. Saturday we had his lungs checked to make sure he didn’t have pneumonia, and they were clear. His fever broke yesterday evening but we stayed home from church this morning just to be sure. He was well enough today that we were all able to attend evening services. Amos and Joel both still have some congestion and a cough, but they finally seem to be on the mend.

My husband and I are some of those “all-natural” weirdoes. (I woke up one day recently and realized that I am one of those women I used to make fun of – I’m officially a “Crunchy Mama”! AAaaHHhhhh!). We like to avoid the use of drugs and chemicals and we stick to feeding our children food that has not been genetically altered. But that’s just us. However, this latest episode of illness has made me realize how little I know about naturally caring for my sick babies.

I’ve done a [very] little bit of reading on homeopathy and we have a small selection of remedies that I have used with some success. My mother-in-law knows a TON about it and we call her up nearly every time one of our young’uns is sick to ask which remedy we should administer. But the last few horrible nights of listening to poor Amos struggle to breathe through all his congestion has made me realize that, not only do I need to stock my cabinet with a better selection of remedies, I need to study the concept of homeopathy a good bit more. So, yesterday I ordered about seven different remedies, and today my husband has been researching the best homeopathic resource books to buy. Hopefully we can brush up on our medical knowledge and be better prepared next time a health crisis occurs.

Some things I learned through this bout of sickness:

·         Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I didn’t realize at first that Amos wasn’t drinking enough and was in danger of dehydration. He didn’t want to drink water, but we were able to get fluids in him by offering ice chips.

·         Hyland’s 4Kids Cold ‘n Cough Nighttime natural cough syrup is good stuff. We were able to pick it up for a reasonable price at Walmart. We also got Hyland’s Baby Cough Syrup for Joel. Both helped tremendously.

·         The homeopathic remedy aconite is great for the croup.

·         Little Remedies For Noses sterile saline nasal mist was helpful to flush Amos’ sinuses.

·         1 TBS ginger mixed with petroleum jelly and rubbed on baby’s chest helps clear congestion in the chest. Amos was breathing so much easier within fifteen minutes of applying the mixture.

·         Lavender oil diluted in water and rubbed on the chest also helps make it easier to breathe. Tei Fu oil is another good oil to have on hand for this. (I’d love to learn more about the use of essential oils).

·         Steamy shower rooms and a good humidifier are invaluable! Unfortunately, a goof humidifier we have not. But ours did help a little.

·         Prayer is the most powerful remedy of all.

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