Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Why Is International Adoption SO Expensive? (Part 2)

In my previous post I broke down the fees that we have paid for our adoption so far ($14,755). That’s a lot less than $40,000 (the estimated total for our adoption). So, where is the rest of the money going?
            Our next step is a home study update in December. Our home study has to be updated by our in-state agency yearly until we receive a referral. The fee for the actual update is $1,000. To have our home study updated, though, we also have to have medicals done again (blech!). We recently switched pediatricians and when our new doctor heard that we were getting physicals done for an adoption, she graciously gave us a huge discount on the children’s exams. She normally charges $200 per new patient, but she only charged us $135 for all three of our children! Such a blessing! Joshua and I still have to get physicals done (with more lab work) and I’m not sure how much that will cost yet, but it could be another $900 if it’s close to what it was last time.