Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Summer Challenge

It’s summertime! Which also means it’s that time of year when many people mysteriously misplace their clothes. I’ve seen a lot of posts lately encouraging people to keep their clothes on and think about how their wardrobe choices are affecting their brothers and sisters in Christ. In response, I’ve seen a lot of angry comments from people who are indignant at the suggestion that they should put thought into what they put on. After all, men are responsible for keeping their minds pure and women cannot control whether or not men make the decision to look places they shouldn’t. Women should be free to wear what they want without being in constant fear of provoking some man to lust. Besides, it’s really not so hard to just not look! Or so the comments go.

It’s true. Men are responsible for what they dwell on, and if they are lusting after a woman that is a sinful decision they have made. But I don’t think most women comprehend how difficult it is to refrain from looking upon what ought not be seen when there is hardly a direction one can turn one’s eyes without landing on some forbidden view.

To appreciate this challenge, the next time you are riding down the interstate (with somebody else driving!) don’t look at any billboards. In fact, don’t look at any signs at all. Also, don’t look at anything with words on it. Oh, yeah, and don’t look at any of the cars either. Even out of the corner of your eye. Don’t think about not looking at all of this, just don’t look! Guard your eyes and don’t let your mind acknowledge that you’ve seen any of these things.

Then maybe… just maybe… you might appreciate how difficult it is to be a man committed to keeping his eyes, mind, and heart pure this summer. You might begin to understand just how much of a challenge it is to “just don’t look.” And maybe… just maybe… instead of being offended that you do have some responsibility in helping your brothers stay pure, the next time you are deciding what to wear maybe you will consider what a privilege it is to be able to bless your brothers in Christ by being a “safe zone”; someone they can look at without fear of seeing something they should never have to see.

Let’s honor each other and sacrifice our desire to dress however we want in order to make the road of holy living just a tinsy bit easier.

God bless and keep you safe this summer, my friends!

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