Thursday, October 9, 2014

Adding Arrows

Everyone else has known for about a month now, so it's probably time I update my loyal blog followers. On September 8, Joshua and I found out that we are expecting Baby #3 in May 2015! We are extremely excited and thankful for this new blessing from the Lord!

We are also very thankful for a much easier pregnancy so far. During my first pregnancy I threw up nearly every day for nine months. I think there was one stretch when I went a whole week without puking. My second pregnancy was much better. I only threw up about 25 times. Yes, I kept count. I was determined to keep the number under 30. Anyway, the nausea was still pretty awful at times and nothing seemed to help. Except a big, cold glass of chocolate milk. Which was not so helpful to my waistline...

This time around the nausea has been unpleasant, but manageable. I am 11 weeks along and have thrown up only twice so far! Woohoo! Not having to keep a bowl beside the bed for when I wake up in the morning has been fantastic. I can usually expect to feel sick around 12:45pm, but Joshua gets home at 1:00pm so he is able to come to my rescue and fix the kids lunch so I can rest.

One cool thing about this pregnancy is that I am actually having some cravings! With my other two, NOTHING ever sounded good. So, the feeling of WANTING to eat something is a feeling that I cherish :) And another plus: One of my strongest cravings is a craving for SALAD!

This third baby does not change our plans to adopt. Our agency is aware of  the pregnancy and is very supportive of us continuing the adoption. It will still likely be two years or more before we are placed with a child, so that gives us plenty of time to adjust after the birth of this little one. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we prepare to welcome TWO more children into our family!

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  1. I hope your pregnancy goes well! I'll be keeping your family in my prayers! Thank you and Josh for all of your prayers for my battle with pornography. I have been clean for months now. It was your blog that saved me. I appreciate them y'all so much!