Saturday, May 10, 2014

Plotting a Rescue

My last couple of posts have been a pretty heavy, and I have some more deep thoughts in the works. Today, however, I wanted to lighten things up a bit and share with you some very exciting things that have been happening around our Little House on the Corner. 

Yesterday we went to the animal rescue shelter and picked up this handsome hunk we have been getting to know over the last few weeks:

He is a one and a half year old Plott Hound. He had been at the shelter a long time, but I honestly don’t know why he wasn’t adopted immediately. He is so gentle and loving and very obedient. Someone in his past spent a lot of time training him. He knows all his basic commands, including “stay”, “drop it”, and “leave it” and even listens to us from across the room already. We just need to work on his heeling...

 Boaz arrived at the shelter with his brother and the staff had wanted to adopt the two out together, but because of the size of the dogs they ended up having to split them because very few people around here have enough room for two large dogs. His brother was adopted a few weeks before we met Boaz. He is a big guy – close to 70 lbs – and doesn’t really know his own size. We have to watch Littlest Mister to make sure he doesn’t get whipped in the face by Boaz’s tree-branch-sized tail.

Boaz is very much Joshua’s boy. He recognizes Josh as the pack leader and is majorly attached to him already, whining whenever he has to stay inside while Josh goes out. He likes the rest of us, but he is devoted to Joshua.

Little Mister is slightly intimidated by Boaz, but is warming up to him quickly. Littlest Mister adores him and wants to be wherever his “gog” is. I think Boaz is one awesome dude. I love the tiger stripes on his coat and his playful yet submissive personality. I am very thankful to have a dog in the house again.

            The second piece of exciting news is… for a future post :)

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  1. My family and I got a rescue a few months ago. His name is Bing. He's a 2 year old hound/terrier mix and he is the best dog ever! He's so playful! They were going to put him down the day we got him. It's amazing how he transformed from being really sad and lonely to being the happiest dog in the world.