Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Message of Your Home

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the design and appearance of my home. Since we moved into our new house in December I’ve been itching to decorate the walls and fill the empty spaces. But as I’ve looked into buying things like curtains and picture frames I have started to realize that decorating is expensive! I’ve had a hard time justifying paying $$ for a something that will simply sit on a shelf and gather dust. On the other hand, I’m also convinced that it is my job as a Christian homemaker to decorate my home in a way that is comfortable, inviting, and refreshing. I want to create a place that encourages my family to want to be together. That line of thinking has led me to ask a few questions.

1)      Am I purposeful in the decoration of my home? Is there reason behind each item I’ve chosen, or have I simply thrown together articles that look nice together?
2)      What messages am I sending with the decorations and design of the rooms in my home?
3)      How can I quietly proclaim God’s message of love and salvation by the way I decorate my home?
4)      What is my goal for each room and how can I foster an appreciation for God’s glory throughout my home?

This sort of questioning has taken me down an inspiring road full of purpose and vision. I want the Gospel to be the driving force behind everything I do. Over the last few weeks I have contemplated how I can accomplish this in the beautification of my home and how I can reach out to weary souls by creating an environment in which they can be refreshed and strengthened in Christ.

In some coming posts I’d like to look at each room of my home individually and share ways in which I plan to transform them into areas of beauty that proclaim Christ. I want each room to have a purpose and a goal. I want others to find here a haven of safety from the world’s attacks; a place where memories are made and lives are changed for God’s glory; a home that points toward our ultimate goal of reaching that Heavenly Home someday.

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