Friday, October 18, 2013

"Not Good Enough" Is Good Enough!

It’s time to just admit it. I will never write a blog post that I think is good enough to post. I continue to write article after article, only to save them to a file buried deep within my computer where they are destined to gather dust and mildew (or, at least, that’s what would happen if they were, you know, in a real, tangible file…). I tell myself, “Someday I’ll go back and finish writing this. Get it all edited and spiffied up so that it’s good enough for someone else to read.” And then it sits in that file for months (or in some cases, years) doing absolutely no one a lick of good. If I ever DO open the document back up with the intention of finishing, I have completely lost the fire and zeal that motivated me to begin writing in the first place, and I quickly shove it back into the “waiting to be re-written” file.

            But, no more! It is time to accept the fact that “not good enough” is good enough! It is time to realize that few people read this little blog and no one who matters is going to bash me for not being a professional-quality writer. I have things I think need to be said, and they don’t have to be said perfectly before I post it here on my personal blog.

            So, I intend to post one article a week, starting now. Encouraging comments are welcome, and thought-provoking comments are encouraged! What I write is not earth-shattering or mind-blowing, but it’s what I think and care about. And, I’ll never get better at blogging if I never actually post anything.

            My babies just woke up from a nap, which means I am out of time to finish writing everything I wanted to say here. But that’s okay. I’m posting anyway!

            This blog is to be continued…

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